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Monday, 28 November 2011

Bahasa LAw... Negligence... :D

as salam..arini saya nak berkongsi sikit pasal ilmu law yang saya dapat kesempatan untuk belajar sepanjang sem 3 nie...lau ada yang tersalah sila betulkan ye.... :)

this is all about the negligence... 
First ,we must have a issue... contoh ye: Whether or not amin can claim negligence to the aiman... 

selepas itu,kita ade the principle of law 1 and the condition of law..the principle law kena sebut pasal atau sentuh pasal definition of negligence dan condition 1 ialah: 
1st condition is defendant has duty of care to plaintiff,kena buktikan defendant ade duty of care terhadap plaintiff... give a definiton duty of care 
there is neighbour principle:give the definition neighbour principle
contoh case -Donoghue v Stevenson

 the apply of the case : the plaintiff in the case of ... is amir and the defendant for the case is example...
dan kita perlu senaraikan list of general neighbour of defendant as example like customer,worker,and clarify whether defendant is included in 7 list and the give general of duty of care of the case..:)

the principle  law 2 and the condition 2 (breach of duty) 
give the definition the breach of duty of care..
then reasonable man test :define RMT
                                        : define reasonable man 
the application of the case is
concept of risk:
1.magnitude of risk : case of Bolton v Stone
2.seriousness of injury :case of Johnstone v Bloomsbury Health Authority
3.precauitons:case of Latimer v E.A.C and the application is

magnitude of risk is high-contributing factor
seriousness of injury also high -list of possible injuries
precaution -no ,need to explain....

to be continued... :)

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