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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Fwenity3 : Entrepreneur and entrepreneurship... :)

As salam dan selamat pada semua...malam ini nak tulis balik dan nak bincang pasal entrepreneur dan entrepreneurship...

BUKU : Fundamental of Entrepreneurship revised edition by Pearson

Chaper ini di tulis oleh Adnan Alias.... :)

Developments in East Asia,particularly economic development,have always been of interest to the world. The booming years of the first half of the 1990's saw analyses and interpretations of the so-called magical economies of the region. Government policies and strategies were hailed and perused for lessons to learnt.Entrepreneurs were in the limelight too ; cases were analysed for models to be emulated.The turbulent years of the second half of the 1990's drew cycinsm and critiques of the region's so called bubble economies.Government policies and strategies were criticised and scrutinised for lessons to be unlearnt.

And once again,entrepreneurs stole the show,albeit for the wrong reasons..

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